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  1. Wow. Thank you, Joe, for explaining the process of getting back into the church. It turns out that it’s not as difficult as I thought it was, just in case I ever decide that getting rebaptized would be the best way to heal the rift between my TBM husband and me. Thanks also for sharing how you manage to be a member and still be true to yourself.

    One of the best interviews yet, John — and that’s saying a lot.

    EDiL13 (Elohim’s Daughter in Law)

  2. Hi Joe,

    I would love to be a member of your church, Joe ! :o) I believed that if I wanted to become Celestial, the church was the right way to train myself a Celestial attitude. And through learning what God expects us to do to become Celestial, and keeping His commendments, I would slowly mold myself into that Celestial attitude. I think being kind is one of the tools that makes a Celestial Kingdom an Heavenly Place ! :o)

    Listening to your earlier interviews I wrote down some notes, that I want to share:

    Every experience got value
    And every insight gained through experience got value.

    One should follow it’s heart, even when it’s led toward non-paved paths.

    Patriarchy is too much
    too blaming, freedom-stealing and loveless forcing
    and shouldn’t be held up.

    Meditate or Pray or Think freely
    and within this excercise you will find the feeling and yearning from your heart,
    which makes you expect to get the right to aim for your freedom and space
    to follow your heart.
    And your heart will lead you to the void that needs to be filled
    to serve with respect … those around you aswell as yourself.

    Sat. 17.01.2020, 16.30 hour, dutch time.

    I pray for you that those who may seek you, may find you and find comfort and care
    and you all may experience love and healing in your hearts !

    God bless you ! And thank you for being You ! You are a God Given Gift !

    Thank you John for this delightfull interview ! Big Hug !

    Adrie de Jong
    The Netherlands

  3. Joe, I’m so happy to hear that that your ward has been accepting of you and you feel at home there. You are obviously very thoughtful and trying to live with integrity as you practice being mindful of your motives and choosing to respond with love instead of fear. Thanks for being so open to sharing your process. I can’t imagine myself ever being re-baptized, but I have thought a lot about the value of continuing “inter-faith” dialogue & community with my LDS family and friends as they are willing (I am now Buddhist and atheist). And when I approach people with patience and a humble attitude, remembering the kindness of others and that everyone just wants to be happy and not suffer, people are more often than not grateful and open to continuing real connection and laying aside differences in our worldviews. Love and compassion (for others AND oneself) are reliable states of mind, they always lead to good, eventually. I have seen this from personal experience. This seems to be your experience as well.

    John, thank you for your kindness and using such skillful means to approach sensitive thoughts and feelings, for holding space, and always trying to keep things real.

  4. I busted a gut when John said “No, you’re just ignoring the Pinewood Derby and you’re just talking to the people and drinking the punch, eating the cookies.” and Joe interjects with “The Kool-aid, ha ha ha!”

    Joe was a great guest with an interesting story! I’m glad John did this one. I can’t see this being my path, but I liked hearing about it.

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