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  1. Thank you for sharing about this book. I loved the conversation and hearing confident women talking about strategies for change is empowering. I currently serve as a ward Relief Society president and I constantly struggle with many similar issues, but often don’t know how to approach them. Thank you for what you are doing to help mentor those of us who aren’t quite as brave or strong.

    1. One correction…one of the women talked about Eliza R. Snow being a single woman. She was married to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. So I’m confused why she was held up as a model of single womanhood. Could someone clarify for me? Thank you.

  2. Eliza R Snow wasn’t single. She was married to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. I was disturb that the point was made that she was single and no one disputed it. Clarify please. Thanks.

  3. I enjoyed and appreciated this podcast (and as a result bought a few copies of the book for Mother’s Day gifts for family!). So, thank you for making it available to all of us.

    I’m sorry to make this thread sound like a broken record, but that was my one nit-picky point as well: That Eliza Snow was a married woman. It could be as simple as the panel members saying, “Eliza R. Snow, who was married to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, but who essentially lived her day to day life as a single woman…”

  4. Research shows women to be better communicators and CEOs. It does not make sense that priesthood authority is based on anatomy. Some people are born with a mixed anatomy. Others have a male body but psychologically, are a woman.

    Historically, female-centered religion, the goddess, was wiped out by male hierarchy and weaponry. In Old Testament times, non-virgins were killed and virgins were divided among the warriors and priests, with God getting His ten percent.

    Then too, when you think of it seriously, priesthood power comes from designated authority and role playing rather than spiritual. The spiritual power comes from the imagination. The actual power of the priesthood comes not from God but from a well-organized male hierarchy with a chain-of-command.

    Mormons should capitalize on one of their unadvertised, un-talked about beliefs, which would give them a reason for ordaining women. They have the Mother in Heaven. What a terrific religion this would be. A modern main-stream religion with a Goddess. Indeed, life-renewal is the theme of Christianity. And think about this. It is women who carry the life-renewing mechanism. Men can only worship from the outside.

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