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  1. I’m suprised nobody has commented on the interviews with Prince yet. After your highlight on Millenial Star I decided to check your podcasts out. I’ve listened to both the Prince interviews, as well as the Masonry interview. I have enjoyed them all very much–enough that I volunteered to do the dishes so I could listen in peace.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Refreshing to hear such honesty regarding the humanity of the Leaders of the church, warts and all, as they wrestled with the Blacks/Priesthood issue. Very interesting revelations on the background maneouverings of the players as each pushed their own agenda. And to think that President McKay said that the Blacks/Priesthood matter was policy, NOT doctrine! How correct that sounds.

  3. I just got my nano, and am finally catching up to some backlogged listening. I found this to be an excellent interview. I learned quite abit (I’m only on Chapter 2 of his book).

    I do have one major criticism: what was the deal with trying to get Prince to label certain apostles as villains? Not cool.

  4. Thanks for listening, Jonathan.

    That wasn’t my intent…but I was trying to ask a question that many would want asked. Many try to label folks as villains, and I like what Prince says about no white hats, and no black hats….so I wanted him to give that perspective.

    Keep the comments coming!!!


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  6. John,

    I enjoyed your recent interview with Prince on the David O McKay book and the blacks and the Priesthood. I liked how you asked the question about how Harold B. Lee came back and stopped a change to the policy. I remember in podcast #026 – Interview with Darius Gray; that he mentioned that it was almost passed until 2 Apostles came back from an overseas trip and did not agree. That delayed it another few years.

    A few years ago, I helped a friend of mine, who is black, get baptised in Kuwait while we were deployed for OIF. He had questions about this and I could not answer as I did not have the info that you brought to light in these podcasts. I got him in touch with Don Harwell of the Genesis group and he felt better. Maybe you can have a podcast interview with the Genesis Group leader(s) as well. Too bad the church does not educate the members better.

    Keep up the great work!


  7. Dan,

    I love your comments, especially the last one. This issue almost kept me from joining the Church, mainly because the members did not know it. On August 15, 2007 that will all change. Darius Gray and I are launching a DVD with 4 hours of scriptural and brief historical coverage on Blacks in the Bible, skin color, curses, equality and Priesthood. Soon all members will be about to simply go to their scriptures to become well versed on these issues.



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