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  1. Ashley,

    I was moved by your articulate intensity, your willingness to follow your beliefs wherever they lead you and your joyfulness.

    Good strength to you. Surely a young person wouldn’t be burdened by stage four-type faith unless they were up to the task. In the run up to the 2nd Coming I would hope you are typical of souls to come.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed this podcast ! Any chance on an article on Ms. Sanders and the Alternative Commencement making the pages of Sunstone ?

  3. We have a wonderful short essay by Ashley in the Sunstone issue now at press. It deals with the issue of the importance of the tension created between insider and outsider discourse about religion and ethics.

    Sunstone covered the Cheney at BYU controversies and mentioned the alternative commencement in its news section in the June issue, but we’d certainly welcome a longer reflection by Ashley (and her co-organizers) on their motives and the full story of how it came about. I’ll point her to your request.

    Dan Wotherspoon, editor, Sunstone

  4. Ashley,

    You have a brilliant mind and I think you’ve definitely put it to a good use. I’ve always considered myself a “ponderous” type but you’ve inspired me to strive to take that observation and introspection to continually deeper levels.

  5. My favorite part of this interview was Ashley speaking about her Discussion Nights. We do something similar at our local university campus. I suspect that this is happening all over the U.S. under the radar of the church or CES…

  6. Ashley
    I very much enjoyed your insights in this interview. Thank you. I especially liked your description of the importance of tension in our spiritual journey.

    Off the topic of this interview… You read an essay about ethics, critical thinking & revolutionaries at Sunstone this year (session 232). I would love to have a text copy of it. Could you post a link to the paper it was published in?

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  8. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! I love how eloquent and articulate Ashley is. My feelings are kindred to hers, but I’ve never been able to express them as well as she does.

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