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  1. I wish John Kovalenko all the best. He is clearly very optimistic about his future in the Church and I would like to think he HAS a future. But his past (not only the SSA but the fact that he has never served a mission — and I didn’t hear him mention plans to do so after he graduates from BYU) might always be a stubmling block for him in some circles. But here’s hoping his bubbling personality can overcome any obstacles he might encounter!

  2. John K is a great guy. His persistence in seeking a way to find joy and peace within the Church is truly inspiring. And I love that he refuses to let any of the challenges stand in his way.

  3. What a brilliant, articulate young man with a mature perspective and spirituality. I resonated with so many of the things he said, he continually hit the nail on the head. He gives me so much hope for our church today and for future generations. A heartfelt “Thank you John Kovalenko!” I hope the last 5 years have been fruitful, an update would be nice. Kathleen

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