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  1. Make sure to thank Claudia for coming in and doing the interview. You know that you hear a lot about the hardships of the early saints, it’s good to hear about the joy too.

  2. I liked hearing the personal experiences of these women in the past. As controversy exist so do the indisputable voices of those from the past who pass on their experiences and consequently their incontestable testimonies. As Claudia has portrayed, these women were women were not only women of faithfulness and obedience, but theydemonstrated as well a sense of humor and perserverence in things secular as well.

    I loved the part about the women doctors. The one lady who studied medicine in Philidelphia who Claudia mentioned is an ancestor of mine.

    Thank you for the interview.

  3. It’s sort of shocking to realize that we went from being in the forefront of women’s rights in the early days to the low point of the church lobbying against the ERA.

    It brought tears to my eyes when she said (in one of the last two episodes) that these really are the best people in the world. I know that’s true! The community is worth it! =)

  4. My wife and I really enjoyed the first interview. My wife said just knowing there are people like her out there makes her feel more comfortable going to church.
    I hope she knows her work is appreciated and it is lifting spirits.
    As an interesting side note. I first heard of Claudia and Richard Bushman from my Grandpa, Doug Bunker, who considers them both very close friends.

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