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  1. I’m lovin this. As a whole the LDS populous is so focused on becoming perfect (because that is what we are all taught to do). We misunderstand (myself included) and take ourselves far to seriously. I love this heart to heart, sort of frank talk with Bigelow. We are all imperfect. What does it hurt to laugh at ourselves a little and talk about the mistakes we make? The human side of ourselves… Non members usually respect LDS members but, they don’t like us very much because we come across stuffy and self-righteous, even if that is not our intention. Bigelow’s mission comes across loud and clear in this interview. “…Lighten up, and get real.” We can learn a lot from his open style of talk and literature.

  2. It appears that the episodes are backwards. I believe that the beginning of the conversation is episode 41, and the continuation is episode 40. However, your introduction appears at the front of episode 40, while 41 has no introduction.

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