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For the first time ever, a sitting Mormon Bishop joins us to discuss the current situation with the Church’s activity rates and its misleading membership statistics.

He began watching Mormon Stories despite being an active Bishop and noticed questions and doubts arising among Mexican Saints, especially among English-speaking members as they had more access to information, such as through WhatsApp conversations between leaders discussing the SEC filing in Mexico. Obispo faced pressure to fudge numbers in his Ward Quarterly Report but pushed back, even calling Church Headquarters to find out policies.

Obispo also discusses discrepancies between Mexican membership statistics and census data, as well as the pressure to bring people back through programs like “Finding Lost Members.” The interview covers topics such as tithing, welfare, and fast offerings. Obispo wants the Church to do better and believes in doing what is right, even if he may face consequences for sharing.

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  1. Truth C Ker March 9, 2023 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Hello John, We have a favor to ask of you. Please ask one of your secret agents situated high up inside of the Mormon Church to leak monthly the actual number of temple recommend holding members there are. We are sure that is a number which is readily available at some level. I would start donating to Mormon Stories monthly for each month that you could post that number. Thanks in advance.

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