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  1. Excellent interview! It’s surprising to hear a non-Mormon talk about Mormonism with such thorough understanding.

    It sounded like she had MUCH more to say about women in the church, so I hope that subject will be delved into in greater detail on her return visit.

    Thanks for featuring her!

  2. Sister Shipps has always been one of my favorite voices in Mormonism. She is the closest we have to an unbiased opinion. Kind of like Alex Beam in that she offers just the facts from an outsiders perspective. Plus she is just so darn likable! I have always enjoyed listening to her talks at Sunstone and imagine the fun it must be to sit in her hotel room after and just riff. Great interview! Thank you both!

  3. BRAVO! Well done, insightful and a marvelous initial conversation here for building a bridge toward authentic history and the next step.

  4. This is the podcast I have been waiting for. Well done, Mr. Metcalfe! As one who listened to every second of your interview with John Dehlin twice (so far) with great interest, I am beyond pleased you are hosting. It was a delight to listen to Ms. Shipps. As a nonMormon long fascinated by the history of the LDS movement, I hope she will be a frequent guest.
    Now, excuse me while I hit the rewind button….

  5. I always agreed with Jan’s idea that Mormonism is NOT a new Christianity–but that Mormonism is to Christianity what Christianity is to Judaism.
    Having left the LDS Church in 2003 and converting to Reform Mormonism, I have gained grown so much in my personal Mormon faith by studying and drawing upon RLDS writings and sources. I’m very excited to read Jan’s book on Mormonism’s two largest denominations.

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