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  1. Ad hominem attacks are among the oldest defenses in the book. The LDS church does not have truth on its side, so it has to stoop to pathetic attempts like those apologist smear videos in response to honest discussion and inquiry.

    Mormonism’s truth crisis is not due to Mormon Stories or the CES Letter. It has, instead, to do with the efforts of the “good guys”. My testimony of the validity of Mormonism was blown to pieces by FAIRMORMON long before I discovered Mormon Stories and long before the CES Letter existed (or at least was published online). The sickening mass of excuses, rationalizations, obfuscations, and outright deceit put forward by Mormon apologists as answers to Mormonism’s many problems might be faithful, but they are pathetic and intelligence insulting and are the very opposite of truthful. The monumental failure of Mopologetics is, in fact, a huge part of the reason the CES Letter and Mormon Stories exist, because people with questions have no choice but to keep looking if they care anything about actual truth.

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