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  1. Hi, l would just like to say well done jon, for all your time and efforts in putting together this post Mormon podcast as it’s really helpful to people everywhere, l just would have loved there to have been more going on to help people like myself years ago that could have supported people like myself who were very strongly encouraged and maybe even persuaded in to thinking it was the correct and right thing to do to give up their baby for adoption through the church, because it was church policy for all unmarried mothers to place their babies for adoption, l would just have loved to have had far more support at the time and podcasts with relevant help and information giving you the birth parent more help to decide what’s really best for you, so anyway, l applaud you all for trying to reach out in love and support, to everyone now, it all makes a difference.

  2. Steve and Chris! You two are no-drama, down-to-earth, incredible human beings! Thank you for sharing your story. I loved this- probably one of my favorite podcast episodes!

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