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  1. I’ll just respond with 3 of my favorite quotes on honesty:

    Quote #1
    There are many other forms of lying. When we speak untruths, we are guilty of lying. We can also intentionally deceive others by gesture, or a look, by silence, or by telling only part of the truth. Whenever we lead people in any way to believe something that is not true, we are not being honest.
    Gospel Principles/Chapter 31: Honesty

    Quote #2
    When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease to be mistaken or cease to be honest.
    Author Unknown

    Quote #3
    We know they are lying,
    They know they are lying,
    They know we know they are lying,
    We know they know we know they’re lying,
    But they are still lying.
    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

  2. By removing the posts shows clearly how LDS operates. Coldbloodidly which has nothing to do with grace, love or any Jeesuslike behavior.

    Thank you John again for revealing the dirty side of the ‘Glory’.

  3. Unfortunately John, the answer to both of your questions at the conclusion of this submission is that obviously the Church has/feels no responsibility whatsoever toward its influencers or church membership or anyone else who might frequent its social media accounts.

    I think we all have to be aware that social media platforms and the Internet in general, both still lean heavily in the direction of the ‘wild west’; not quite ‘anything goes’, but still, unethical actors can operate without consequence or challenge for the most part.

    The church has an agenda. It is only interested in promoting that agenda on its terms as it sees fit. If you understand this going into any negotiation or collaboration with the church, then you won’t be surprised or disappointed when they pull a stunt like they have with Chelsea and Nick.

    It’s sad frankly. I assume from having listened to the entire interview with Nick and Chelsea that they won’t let this bother them for more than about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

    Good for them-I really enjoyed their interview. Thank you for your work John.

  4. I suspect that the decision, first, to include, then later, to remove Chelsea’s LDS blog post was done by a mid-rank staffer and not the First Presidency or Q12. Staffers seek to include “faith-promoting material” and skip the rest. Chelsea’s leaving tipped the scale. The staffer concluded that Chelsea’s writings were no longer faith-promoting; yet I feel that the staffer missed a wonderful opportunity to follow up with Chelsea as she had entered another space that the Church should value equally: how to love and respect a (former) Mormon after a change in belief. And similarly, how to respect a believing Mormon who disassociates to preserve in-home harmony with a disbelieving spouse. Those spaces should not be ignored.

  5. It is unsurprising, yet still very upsetting, that these decisions were made by the church in response to such a beautiful and inspiring interview. Personally, I listened intently to the entire interview, only pausing briefly to go and join Chelsea’s Facebook group when it was mentioned, which in itself has been extremely rewarding experience. The interview resonated with me so deeply, even bringing me to tears with the raw vulnerability of what was shared.

    All I can say in the face of this is, the content that was removed was amazing, and had already been able to reach almost incomprehensible numbers of people. However, by doing this interview they were able to reach into the lives of even more people, who needed them every bit as much. By doing so, they’ve been able to expand the people they’ve helped many times over.

    Chelsea and Homer, you are amazing people. I am so grateful for you and the impact you have made on my own life by telling your story. The work you are doing, and have done, is so important. Don’t let this outside decision let you doubt that! <3

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