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  1. I am for some reason terrified of posting on here; probably because it acknowledges the reality of where I am at. But I feel like I just have to say thank you to both John and Angela. For the last few months I have felt alone and scared at the bottom of the rabbit hole. A couple weeks ago I found and started devouring Mormon stories podcasts. I have been the one with one earbud in, sobbing, trying to get through my days, trying to take care of my little kids and unsure of what happens next. It has been so relieving to find some validation that I am not alone or crazy. When I first heard the song “Rocks” at the beginning of a podcast I was so moved and I started crying. It literally felt like a spiritual answer to me that I am not getting through prayer. Angela, I’ve been listening to your songs non stop over the last week and they have been bringing me so much peace. Thank you to both John and Angela for willing to stand up and speak out because it has meant so much to me. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful music. Healing. Thank you, I went to sleep at 4 am after a difficult day, and woke up with these songs dancing around in my head. 🎶🎵💫💚❤️

  3. Angela,
    Thanks for sharing all of you and for your honesty. The song Rocks brings me back 35 years ago after leaving a fundamental evangelical church. I was so alone and so afraid of the own thoughts in my head. I had no music that spoke to me and podcasts were not even imagined back then. So healing to have you and John and Mormon stories to support all kinds of folks. Strange how music can bring me back to emotions of long long ago. It is so true we are all on our own valid unique journey and life gets so much better. Thanks for all you do. I live in Oregon so may try to see Angela live sometime. Thanks for being the best you.

  4. Carol Lynn Pearson wrote “I’ll Walk With You,” not “When I am Baptized,” the song your guest was referring to when she quoted the lyrics “I like to look for rainbows.”

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