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  1. Sweden Mormon Stories has its first conference  4-5 november. Great to see you guys meet, and hope ours will be just as warm and open.

  2. Just a quick thought, if possible. It would be great if people shared their names, if they felt comfortable doing so on the podcast, during these story-sharing sessions. Just because I am sure I have interacted with a lot of these voices online and would love to put a voice with an online persona. :).

    I love listening to everyone’s story. Thank you all for sharing!

  3. I was deeply touched by Kevin Hills’ story.  I identified so much with his tone, his confusion, his desire to do the right thing and his heartbreak over what he once thought was worth living his life for but then discovered that he wasn’t sure about that anymore.  I couldn’t help but think through his entire testimony that the church could do something about the broken hearts of good souls like this.  It has been dishonest and it could change TODAY if it wanted to.  But I guess that’s what we’re doing here, isn’t it…pushing for that change.  Thanks Kevin, for your sincerity and for sharing it here.  What a great conference that you all enjoyed!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every minute of it!!

  4. I so wish I knew about this! We live in the dc area…I have recently been watching several podcast interviews (Carol Lynn Pearson and Dr. Bradshaw). I need to meet more Mormons like this! Your podcasts will be part of our regular spiritual study as we are moving where the Church does not have an official prescribe (Dakar, Senegal)

  5. Who were the guys from the Netherlands there??? That’s where I served my mission, and I’ve long thought that many Dutchies would totally relate to this community!

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