Please help us promote God’s Army 2 (al la Blair Witch Project)–A historical bloggernacle opportunity

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

As some of you may have gathered, I feel like ‘God’s Army 2 – States of Grace‘ is a critical movie for the Mormon culture/community. It explores race, forgiveness, redemption, religion, and just plain humanity in a way I haven’t experienced in a long, long time.

The bloggernacle buzz has begun, including:

But we (in the bloggernacle) can do more. Nay….we must do more. 🙂

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see if we could join together in the bloggernacle to collectively promote this film–a la “the Blair Witch Project”…where grass roots or viral marketing becomes as powerful, or even more powerful, than mainstream commercial marketing? We would all benefit by this outcome, I believe.

So…what can we do? What if we encouraged every blog in the bloggernacle to do a simultaneous post about the movie? I wonder how historical this would be if we could pull it off…perhaps even unheard of in the larger blog world. And it would HAVE to help the movie out.

Just a thought. It would be cool to make some history. As far as I’m concerned, now is a critical time to make this happen. As Richard mentioned in the podcast yesterday, and on the M* post, Mormon cinema is in deep trouble on at least 3 fronts…

  • While the Hailstorm and other movies can be fun, it feels to many like we’ve drifted a bit too far towards the silly in Mormon cinema…and I believe that Mormon cinema has much more to offer than this. But we must put our $$$ where are hearts are.
  • Richard tells us that virtually all of these movies are in deep financial trouble, and he is forecasting a depression in Mormon cinema in part due to the audience and stereotypes and gimmicks it has painted itself into.
  • This is a critical time for God’s Army 2, because if we don’t get the word out over the next week, theatres are gonna pull it (in advance for Harry Potter), and that will have serious implications in the short, medium, and long term for not only this movie, but any future Mormon artist that wants to do something similar.

Anyway, please consider noodling on this, and helping see if we can raise the influence of the bloggernacle, while simultaneously saving the soul of Mormon Cinema, as well as its commercial viability going forward.

All laudable goals, to be sure. :); And who knows…it could be quite fun!!