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Mormon Stories Podcast Listeners – We are super excited to announce that we have created a Patreon account.


This is an option we are providing IN ADDITION to the monthly donation option we provide through Paypal/Donorbox. The reasoning:

1) As some of you may know, less than 1% of Mormon Stories Podcast listeners are donors. Patreon is awesome because it makes it easy for listeners who are currently not donors to support MSP at a lower amount ($1/interview), and the payout happens each time the episode is released. As an extra incentive, we will be releasing new Mormon Stories Podcast episodes (e.g., Mike Norton, Michael Quinn) two days early for Patreon subscribers. So if you want early access to these episodes, and if you want to begin supporting Mormon Stories podcast, please sign up as a Patreon subscriber today!

2) To be clear, Paypal/Donorbox (the way people donate today) are the primary funding channels that allow the Open Stories Foundation and Mormon Stories Podcast to continue existing. We would literally cease to exist without these donations…so please keep these donations coming. We are aware that those of you who donate this way will also want early access to the podcasts, and we certainly don’t want to penalize any of you for your support – so we are open to ideas on how to make this all possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please send them to: staff@openstoriesfoundation.org and we will respond.


John Dehlin and the OSF Staff