On Location Report from the FAIR Conference — Part 1

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

I’m here, live at the FAIR conference in Sandy, UT. I’ve shaken hands with a few of the top brass here within FAIR. I’ve had 2 absolutely amazing experiences so far, that I will share with you:

  • As soon as I arrived, Lou Midgley came up to me and we sat down for 45 minutes and had a marvelous chat. Regardless of your opinions about Dr. Midgley, 2 things are undeniable (to me): 1) He sincerely believes in the LDS faith, and has thought deeply about it, and 2) His connections and experiences within Mormon Studies over the past 45 years make him a veritable treasure trove of information and stories and issues over this debate.
  • Secondly, I just sat through an hour-long presentation by David Stewart–MD–in a speech regarding DNA and the Book of Mormon. I must say that this was one of the most incredible human achievements I’ve ever personally witnessed. He stood there in front of the audience and recited his EXTREMEMLY complex paper BY MEMORY for the entire hour–never missing a beat. Truly astounding…both in his dedication to the topic, his apparent expertise on the issues, and most importantly, his memory and stamina. You MUST get the text or audio version of this talk, and try to contemplate reciting it by memory. It was absolutely stunning to me. I don’t have an opinion as to whether he was “right” or “wrong”. I’m not a DNA expert. I do know that he was stunningly impressive.

Anyway, more later. This has been really fun so far.