New LDS Church PR Video: Mormon Myths and Reality

John Dehlin Mormon

So…what do ya’ll think? Honest? Candid? Refreshing? Duplicitous? Reactions, please.

My reactions:

  • On polygamy:
    • The don’t acknowledge that polygamy is still a doctrine of ours (see D&C 132)
    • They don’t admit that we practice polygamy in our temples (if a former spouse has died)
    • They kinda speak as if the LDS church owns the word Mormon, and don’t acknowledge that Fundamentalist Mormons consider themselves both “Mormon” and polygamists
  • The Humanitarian stuff is way cool. I had no idea that we empolyed non-LDS (including Muslims) for volunteer humanitarian efforts. The only question I have is…how much of our humanitarian stuff is motivated by missionary work and PR, vs. sincere motives? I say this because Jesus would probably advise us not to brag about/broadcast our good works (not that we’re necessarily doing that here…just a risk).
  • I like that we admitted to divorce and stuff. I don’t love the fact that emphasizing “father and mother” sometimes comes across as a bit exclusionary to non-traditional families.
  • I love Gordon B. Hickley