My short video on the Mormon/Blacks/Priesthood Issue

For a class project (video storytelling) I created a 5 minute pilot video on the Mormon/blacks/priesthood issue. It definitely leaves you hanging, and lacks a ton in production value–but hey….it was for practice! Download Video over Broadband (right-click and select "Save Link As" to download) Let me know what you think. It ends quite abruptly, but hopefully there will be more to come.


  1. John,

    I just ran across a little video you did regarding blacks and the priesthood that I thought was excellent as far as it went (see You leave an important question hanging, however, that I would be interested to hear you answer.

    You make the point that Mormon prophets make mistakes, and so the many horrendously racist things they said until recently should be ignored. Fair enough. I agree. And there is nothing controversial about the proposition that Mormon prophets are error prone. Joseph Smith said that about himself, and as the internet spreads information about just how shockingly and consistently wrong Mormon prophets have been, this is a message that Mormon leaders will rely upon with increasing frequency.

    Given how often Mormon prophets have been wrong, and the importance of the issues about which they have been wrong, on what basis are we justified to assume that until proven wrong on any particular issue, they are right? Why would we not apply the usual standards of trustworthiness and reliability to them? For example, when we run into people who speak with supreme confidence about very important things and are shown to frequently be either wrong or purposefully misleading, we tend to reject their advice unless it is corroborated by reliable objective means. How do we justify putting Mormon prophets into a different category?

    I posted this over at The Foyer ( as well, and would invite you to participate in a discussion of this issue there.



  2. I put mormon prophets in a different category because their only purpose, their only usefulness it to share Christ’s message. Anything else they do is really just fluff.
    And when it comes to Christ’s message, mormon prophets are dead on.

  3. Jordanandmeg said, “And when it comes to Christ’s message, mormon prophets are dead on.”

    Wasn’t Christ’s Main message to love our fellow men as ourselves? Yet mormon prophets have consistently violated that commandment by teaching just the opposite. Refusing to renounce the doctrine benind the priesthood ban, that blacks are inferior to other races because they are descended from Cain, is a direct contradiction of that commandment.

    Mormon prophets are far from “dead on” when it comes to Christ’s message.

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