Moving Forward

John Dehlin Writings

Mormon-Stories-Logo-LargeStephen Smoot of the Student Review recently asked me to comment on the Greg Smith article.  This was my response to Stephen, and it is the only public thing I plan on saying about the affair going forward.



I think my biggest regret in this whole ordeal is that I’ve allowed myself to be become a distraction to the real issue: that there are thousands of sincere LDS church members and former members who are struggling with their faith and/or their church-related experiences.  I believe that they are in desperate need of greater empathy and support, and that they should be our collective focus.

I have no substantive response to Greg Smith’s article, other than to say that as I move forward with Mormon Stories, it will be with a renewed commitment to constructive dialogue centered around helping those in need.

Thanks for inquiring.

John Dehlin

P.S.  For a fabulous review of Greg Smith’s article by “Rollo,” click here.  And for a fabulous response to Greg Smith’s criticisms of Rollo’s review, click here.