John Dehlin Mormon

I’ve been sitting on this domain for over a year now, and thanks to the help of a really swell new pal, I have decided to create a new portal/aggregator for Mormon-themed blogs called

I know there are already a few aggregators out there, and they are cool cats. I guess that this one is a tad bit different in that we are categorizing blogs (at least for now) based on the conservative, moderate, and liberal labels (if you can think of better categories, let me know). Also, we’re gonna work to be as inclusive as we can. If you’ve been feeling a little bit “left out of the party” in the ‘nacle, maybe you will feel a bit more welcome here.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in signing up:

  • Your RSS feed
  • Which category you want to be in

Cheers, and happy Mormon blogging!