Rebuilding your life as a Mormon widow – Janae Thompson | Ep. 1755-1756

1755: When Your Mormon Husband Dies – Janae Thompson Pt. 1

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In this emotional and gripping interview, Janae Thompson shares her journey as a Mormon woman and the struggles she faced in a religion that demanded perfection and conformity. From her early years in the Mormon church, to her time at BYU and beyond, Janae recounts the challenges of fitting into a narrow mold while dealing with her own personal struggles, including an eating disorder and the pressure to find an eternal companion. But it was the sudden death of her husband Grant that truly tested Janae’s strength and resilience. Through her raw and honest reflections, Janae offers a powerful insight into loss, grief, and the search for meaning and purpose in the face of tragedy.

1756: Rebuilding Life as a Mormon Widow – Janae Thompson Pt. 2

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In Part 2 of her interview, Janae Thompson shares her journey as a young widow navigating the Mormon doctrine of eternal families and the challenges of dating and remarriage. She discusses the disparities in church policies and teachings that caused her to question her faith and ultimately led her down the rabbit hole of learning about the history of Mormonism. Janae talks candidly about exploring her sexuality and finding new rituals and practices to connect and uplift her after leaving the church. Her story is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibilities for happiness and health after leaving a religious institution.

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  1. I love her!! I resonate and feel I connect and act so much as janae does and this really helps me put words to my feelings. Thank you for the show and the ability to hear experiences and connect with others.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful episode! Definitely in my top 10 favorites. So touching and insightful. As a single mom and former single sister, I found many similarities to my own experience. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Bonnie Raymond

    Janae Thompson,
    Beside the excellent storytelling, I really appreciated how your photos progressed from your early years through your young widowhood.
    I have former Mormon family members and I understand how your religion can be supportive, yet difficult.

  4. Janae, I really enjoyed listening to both of these episodes. I especially appreciated your wisdom about how are you nurture your emotional and physical self, and are in tune with your needs. Beautiful. It’s really the opposite of what we are taught as Mormon women, and it’s so empowering. All the best to you.

  5. LaDean Johns Johnson

    I too experienced a very similar story. After my husband’s two church members began hacking into my online telephone account. In addition every pervert (men) came out of the wood work.

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