Mormon Studies Wiki Now Released!

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

OK….the Mormon Studies Wiki is now released. You can access it at this URL:

This project is not to "compete" with the FAIR wiki, but to be complimentary to it.  To me, the 2 major differences are:

  • Audience: In terms of writing style, we are targeting the average 18 year old LDS person.  We are not seeking to write technical, academic prose, but instead accessible prose, in very plain language….telling the stories on each of these issues at a high level, assuming minimal prior knowledge.
  • Neutral Position: While I’m sure the majority of those who participate in this project will be active LDS folks, we feel as though there is a need to provide a neutral outlay of the facts…and to use neither apologetics, nor antagonistic text.  We start with the assumption that earnest seekers are wise enough to interpret the facts appropriately, and will be less "turned off" or suspicious if they feel someone is doing a "sales job" on them.  And of course, for the polemical versions, they can seek out FAIR and the numerous anti-Mormon sites.

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