Mitt Romney and Mormonism: On Point

John Dehlin Mormon

For those interested, check it out.

Former Massachusetts governor, Republican Mitt Romney formally throws his hat in the ring for the presidency today.

Romney comes to the contest as successful businessman, state leader, increasingly conservative politician who saved the 2002 Winter Olympics – and as a Mormon.

He’s hardly the first Mormon political leader – or presidential candidate. Orin Hatch ran. So did Mitt Romney’s own father. But Mitt Romney is running hard to be the favored candidate of the religious right.

  • Howard Berkes, Salt Lake City-based correspondent for NPR
  • Richard Bushman, Emeritus Professor of History at Columbia University and author of the just-published “Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling –A Cultural Biography in Mormonism’s Founder”
  • Rev. Robert Schenck, President of Faith and Action, President of the National Clergy Council and Minister in the Evangelical Church Alliance
  • Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst and Senior Editor at the Atlantic Monthly.