Me on Good Morning America Today

John Dehlin Mormon

For those of you who didn’t catch, I happened to be on Good Morning America today. You can watch it here.

I have a few reactions/thoughts:

  • Doing anything w/ national media, especially on the topic of religion, is EXTREMELY scary, sensitive, complex and stressful (I know…you’re all saying “Duh!”). I barely slept last night, as you can imagine.
  • ABC was really very professional in how they handled the whole deal. They even sent a video crew out to my house in Logan!! Anyway, great people to work with (so far). 🙂
  • The main part I’m bummed about is that they characterized me as a person who is “sometimes critical of the church.” Truth be told, I try really hard to NOT be critical of the church or its leadership (“even if the criticism is accurate” as Elder Oaks has said), and I’m pretty sure that nothing in the interview can be taken as criticism of the church. In fact, I was defending those who still appreciate our polygamous heritage! Anyway, the last thing I need is to be seen as critical of the brethren or the church.
  • I feel a bit bummed that I’ve come down so hard on Romney now twice in national media. I’m sure he’s a great guy, and I’m also as sure that there probably isn’t a better “person” running than Romney. That said — I feel like the stakes are too high, and that if we need anything right now in the USA, it’s a president with a backbone, who can shoot straight with all of us, and TELL THE TRUTH. I really hope Romney can turn this perception issue around, and jump on the “Straight Talk Express.”
  • Finally, the thing I’m most grateful for is what they DIDN’T put on the air (of my comments). There were a few things I said that that would have been REALLY painful to see on national television, and I hope I’ve learned my lesson to tread a bit more carefully.

Anyway, my good buddy Danithew is hosting a discussion about the show over on Mormon Mentality.

Also, we just recorded our 2nd episode of Mormon Matters podcast, where we discuss both the GMA and NYTimes coverage in depth.

Please check them out, and thanks for all of your kind emails of support!!!