Joseph Smith, Peep Stones, and Treasure Digging

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

I am working to create a list of the “Top 10 Toughest Issues in Mormon History“. My first document on “Joseph Smith, Peep Stones, and Treasure Digging” can be found here.

My goals in this project are very simple:

  • Lay out the basic facts behind the top 10 history-related issues that Mormons struggle with.
  • Do my best to make sure that the facts are just that. Facts.
  • Use Church-sponsored or published materials whenever possible, and little to no anti-Mormon sources.
  • Ultimately, my intent is to explain to those who have loved ones who are struggling with, or who have left the church, what the basic facts are that get someone to that point of frustration/confustion/sadness/anger.

What I’m NOT trying to do in this exercise is:

  • Tell the “whole story”. I’m trying to keep it simple. At the same time, I’m trying very hard to not be antagonistic. Editorial judgement is obviously huge here, which is partly why I’m seeking feedback.
  • Apologetics. I would love to link to sources FAIR provides for each of these issues as I develop things, but I’m trying to keep this very short, and focused, for people with very low attention spans.
  • Cause people to leave the church. My goal is actually to help people stay in the Church if they feel good about staying, though I expect people to doubt me on this motive. I believe that sunshine/openness/honesty is the best cleanser for the soul.
  • Anyway, please send me lots of feedback on this article, and future ones I publish. I want to make sure I’m fair, accurate, etc.

    What I need to know most are:

    1. Are any of the items I listed not factual?
    2. Are there any important items I missed?
    3. Are there any web links that I could have used that would better illustrate my points?


    John Dehlin