If you are struggling w/ the LDS Church….

John Dehlin Mormon

If any of you are struggling in your relationship with the church, and resonate with some or all of the bullets below…

  • Your study of LDS church history is causing you to question your testimony and/or commitment to the church
  • Recent current events (like the FLDS thing in Texas, the Mitt Romney thing, or the Gay Marriage ballot initiative in California) have awakened in you discomfort w/ the church
  • You find yourself bored and/or frustrated in church — because you do not feel as though you are able to have honest/candid discussions, or that the conversations/lessons are meaningful/relevant to you
  • You have begun to doubt your testimony in the LDS Church, but feel as though you have no one to talk to about it
  • You are somewhat uncomfortable saying “I know this church is true” — but you still are comfortable saying “I know this church is good”
  • AND….you retain a desire to try to maintain your membership and activity in the church….

….if these bullets describe you, please email me with your story at mormonstories@gmail.com.   I may have some resources that could prove helpful to you.

John Dehlin