I went ahead and released my story….

John Dehlin

I got enough requests that I went ahead and released my story on iTunes. All I’ll ask is that my more conservative listeners try to not be too harsh/judgmental at the fact that I’m sharing some of my deepest, toughest, most sensitive feelings and impressions (and only at the request of my listeners). It’s very hard for me to do this–much harder than I expected–and I would just ask for your understanding. These are my impressions and feelings at best…however crudely articulated…and in some instances are quite unorthodoxed. My prayer is that I won’t drive people away simply by being open/honest w/ some of the things I struggle with or don’t understand.

I never want to get in the way of the stories I’m trying to give a voice to, so for me, if there ever were an act of faith, this is it.

Thanks to those of you who can find it within you to be patient and understanding with me in this disclosure. I guess my motto is “Open. Honest”…so it’s time for me to walk the walk….and trust in you all to try to walk a mile or two along side me to understand.

Finally, as I mention in the podcast, I’m still open to further light and knowledge…this just represents how I’m feeling in 2006.

God Bless