How you can help Richard Dutcher/States of Grace (DVD to be released soon)

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

For those of you who are fans of Richard Dutcher and/or States of Grace, the DVD is being released in October. Apparently, Deseret Book and Seagull Book have not yet decided if they want to carry it. In addition, Richard’s distribution company is in strong need of grass roots support of the DVD. I recently received an email from them, asking to spread the word on the many ways we can help promote Richard, and this wonderful movie (which I consider to be the best LDS movie ever made–hands down).

Here are some of the things you can do (all correspondence should go to: ):

  • Pre-order lots of copies of the DVD today.
  • They are putting together a comprehensive list of all LDS bookstores together and sending them each a screener of States of Grace. If you have some yellow pages handy and have a few minutes, they would love to get those as soon as possible. No matter where you are in the world. Any stores outside the US are needed as well. England, Spain, etc. Especially Central and South America. Richard dropped quite a bit of money and went through a number of translators to get the perfect translation in Spanish.
  • If you haven’t emailed Larry H. Miller yet, please do so. You may be asking why we are emailing him. Because 1- He is the Executive Producer of States of Grace, 2- He is the Executive Producer for The Work and the Glory series – and it is most important to him, 3- If he can see the impact that States has had on people, he may help with all his venues in advertising the release of the DVD States of Grace. As of now, he sees it as a good cause that he has already done enough for. 4- If you all could just get 5 friends to email Larry, that would be great.
  • They are now looking for banner ad placements, websites, etc. If you know of any popular LDS websites, please let them know as soon as possible.
  • Because they did go through a lot of effort to have a quality Spanish translation, does anyone know of some really popular Spanish LDS websites?
  • If States of Grace did not run theatrically in your area, let me know. If you can pull together a group of 10 or more, they can send you a screener (the actually movie that is sent to movie critics).
  • If you live in the Northeast, there is a chance that we will bring States of Grace to a theater your area. It will be for one or two showings only and the theatre MUST BE PACKED! We would have to rely on you do get the word out. Please let them know where the best places would be. The areas we are looking at are Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Virginia. If you can make a great argument for another area, please do so!!!

Right now, Seagull Book, Deseret Book and LDS Living are debating whether they should carry States of Grace. If you can recruit anyone in this effort, please do so.

  • Seagull Book – and/or You can even call: (1-877-324-8551)
  • Deseret Book – AND
  • Also, gives a list of all the store locations. There aren’t any emails but phone calls go a long way.
  • Glenn Beck – on this one, we are laying the groundwork for a much bigger marketing plan. He is a very popular talk-show host and is UNABASHEDLY Mormon. This one is the big fish. We need to email, call, write, etc. If you know anyone who lives in Connecticut, call them and get them on board. I want to get a media screener (the movie) into his hands. If you know anyone who could walk up to him and hand him the packet (containing press, reviews, media screener, etc.) please let me know.

I really appreciate any work any of you can do to support Richard and this movie.