How has your local Mormon Stories community helped you stay active in the LDS Church?

John Dehlin Mormon

MS Friends,

A very dear friend (who happens to still value his membership in the LDS Church) is being threatened with a stake disciplinary council for holding a regional Mormon Stories conference, and for his involvement in his regional MS Facebook community. Consequently, we’re gathering testimonials from people who feel like their local Mormon Stories Facebook community and/or regional conferences have helped them stay active in the LDS Church.

If you have a quick “testimony” or story to share with this good brother’s stake president, please comment below.  Also, if you have time and are willing/able to cull this link for past testimonies shared that could be helpful here, please feel free to help out.  In a day or two we’ll compile them all and send them on to his stake president…hopefully in time to prevent an unfortunate decision for our friend.

To be clear — the goal here is to help this good brother and friend retain his membership.

Thanks in advance.

John and the Open Stories Foundation Board

(Note: For the record, Mormon Stores does not have an explicit goal of leading people in or out of the church, but instead to support people in their LDS-reltaed journeys/transitions, wherever they may end up. For more on Mormon Stories’ shared values statement, click here.)