Healing & Joy Beyond Mormonism – David Bokovoy Pt. 4 | Ep. 1878

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Ever wonder what happens when a faithful Mormon Bible scholar has a crisis of faith and steps away from the religion he dedicated his life to? David Bokovoy’s candid interview takes you on a riveting personal journey from staunch believer to “spiritual atheist.” He pulls no punches in describing how the Church’s controversial 2015 LGBTQ+ policy shattered his worldview, leading him to lose his testimony and leave Mormonism behind. With raw honesty and hard-won wisdom, he shares profound insights about the transformative power of education from his work in prison rehabilitation. He grapples with weighty questions of free will, authenticity, and human connection.

You’ll be captivated by his stories of finding the “Holy Ghost” outside of religion, confronting trauma through therapy, and continually evolving his understanding of truth. Brimming with thought-provoking perspectives on everything from ADHD to patriarchy to psychedelics, Bokovoy’s interview is a must-see for anyone on their own journey of self-discovery beyond rigid belief systems.

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David Bokovoy

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1 thought on “Healing & Joy Beyond Mormonism – David Bokovoy Pt. 4 | Ep. 1878”

  1. Time stamp 1:40:15-1:42:22 is the most accurate and succinct summary of the family experience for those of us who leave. Thank you David for saying it in that way.

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