This morning, during my daily jog, I was profoundly blessed to listen to a recent panel presentation given at Salt Lake Sunstone 2006 entitled: “For Better, for Worse, for Apostasy? How Faith Issues Affect Couple Relationships” (session #SL06273). At times I was running with tears in my eyes. At other times I was laughing out loud (as old women gardening in their lawns in confusion watched me run past).

I was not particularly surpised to be so moved, because I am good friends with at least 3 of the presenters (Mike and Ronda Callister and Tom Kimball). I have also met Page Kimball, and she seems to be every bit as delightful and interesting as the other 3.

In this panel discussion, these three couples courageously recounted their own private journeys of faith and struggle within the LDS church–relating how these journeys affected their relationship as a couple, and with extended family. 1 of the couples has remained active. 1 of the couples is currently split in their activity, and 1 is not presently active.
Anyway, I cannot tell you how profoundly moving and thoughtful this presentation was. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those of you who are interested, or who have struggled with faith while married.

One slight obstacle for those of you interested is that you have to pay for this episode (because of its newness). While I sometimes am resistant to pay for LDS-related content, I encourage you to go ahead and spend the $4 and purchase the MP3. All proceeds will go to Sunstone–which made the panel discussion possible, and I promise you it will be worth the $$$. If we don’t pay for stuff like this, how will it be able to continue?

To purchase this MP3, click on this link, and search for the Salt Lake 2006 Symposium, session #SL06273, and then follow the instructions to check out. Just so you don’t feel ripped off, there are DECADES worth of MP3s up there from past Sunstone Symposiums that you can download for free.
Below is a more detailed description of the panel discussion:
“How does it affect the stability and foundation of the relationship when one partner in an LDS temple marriage begins to question his or her core religious beliefs? In this session, three couples share their personal experiences with doubt and changes in faith—how they worked through these changes and not only stayed married but also deepened their commitment to each other.”


  1. Matt Thurston September 8, 2006 at 5:03 pm

    I echo John’s praises. An excellent panel discussion, well worth the minor investment, especially if you feel like you are on a different faith journey than your spouse. My TBM wife listened to it and it helped her understand me better. What more could I ask?

    I’d also recommend “Women In the Ministry” and “Join None of Them, for They Are All Wrong”. Both were EXCELLENT!

  2. Will September 10, 2006 at 12:32 pm

    I also agree with John regarding this panel discussion. As someone who went through a divorce because of different views of the Church, I must say that this is very beneficial listening to anyone who has found their paths diverging. Very touching. Very real.
    Highly recommended!

  3. CodyClark September 11, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    I concurr with the above comments. This session is excellent. I too have struggled with my marriage as a result of my relationship and belief in the church. Thanks to everyone who particiapted on the panel and thanks John for the reccomendation!

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