Feedback from Our Listeners

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

A recent post in the Bloggernacle inspired me to put up a page of comments from my listeners.

I definitely feel like a novice in the radio/interview arena…and it pains me to hear my own voice….so I totally understand the comments (though I do wish they would send me feedback on how to improve).

All that said, I do feel like we need:

1) More knowledge
2) More open forums for discussion, and
3) Less pain in the church

…..and as long as this void exists, I’m gonna do my best to fill it.

Of course, as soon as others come along that are better at doing this than me…..I’ll be more than happy to hang my hat. 🙂

Until then, you’ll just all have to bear with me a bit (or not, as it were). 🙂

John Dehlin