FAIRWiki vs. MormonWiki?

Hey! Can anyone give me a summary of the differences between MormonWiki and FAIRWiki for my presentation on Friday?

Who is the author of the content? Who is the intended audience? How are the 2 reconciled? Are they working together at all?

Please help if you can.


  1. Looks like the Mormon Wiki is more general, while the FAIR Wiki is more oriented to doctrinal/scriptural/historical issues.

  2. The FAIR wikki is written largely by members of the FAIR apologetics list, and is only in its infancy still. One of the issues we are discussing (informally at this point) is a good way to deal with multiple points of view on a particular topic. Generally, though, those with some knowledge or expertise in an area contribute to or edit a particular article.

    It’s intent is to be more of a lengthy FAQ of sorts for criticisms of the LDS church and doctrines. And right now it is primarily a set of topics taken from the most common questions sent to the FAIR website. The goal is to be able to refer a questioner to a specific entry in the Wiki which will also then provide internal and external links to more detailed discussion and information.

  3. Yes. It’s another Evangelical attempt to not let Mormons define their own beliefs.

    Thanks for the self-plug, Aaron.

  4. I’ve come to the party a little late, but seeing how I’m the managing editor of the FAIR wiki, I thought I’d chime in here.

    The FAIR wiki makes no pretense of striving for a neutral point of view (unlike, for example, Wikipedia). FAIR is committed to the premise that the LDS Church is the Lord’s restored church, that prophetic authority was given by Jesus to Joseph Smith and continues with Gordon B. Hinckley, and that the Book of Mormon is scripture. The wiki provides answers to criticisms of these beliefs.

    Ben McGuire is right, however, in that there are differences among FAIR members on some of the finer points of LDS belief. (For example, does God have infinite foreknowledge of future events or not? Is the Book of Abraham an actual translation of a papyrus Joseph Smith had in his possession, or was it revealed in some other way? Was the priesthood ban instituted by God or just permitted by God? Etc.) On these types of issues, we strive on the wiki to cover all faithful points of view.

    I haven’t looked at MormonWiki.com much, but my sense is that it’s trying for a more NPOV approach (which is perfectly fine, of course).

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