Download Problems: Please Help us Figure This Out

John Dehlin Mormon

Several people are having problems downloading this podcast. Please, please, please help us troubleshoot. If you have attempted to download the latest podcast, whether you were successful or not, would you please answer the following questions for us?

  • What browser are you using to download? If you’re using IE, can you try using Firefox just to experiment?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • How are you downloading?
    • Are you left-clicking on the “audio MP3″ button?
    • Are you left-clicking on the Download link?
    • Are you right-clicking on any of these links and clicking “Save As”?
    • Are you using iTunes to download?
    • Other?
  • What happens when it fails?
  • If you try again later in the day (using the same method), does it still fail?
  • Also, if you have been successful, can you answer the same questions?

Please give us more info, so we can get to the bottom of this problem.