Not at all.  I acknowledge the LDS Church’s parochial right to decide who should and should not remain a member.  If the church excommunicates me, I do not plan on appealing that decision.   I do believe that by excommunicating people like me, the church will perhaps unintentionally: 1) send the message to progressive Mormons and doubters that they are also not wanted in the church, and 2) communicate that the church is weakening/fearful/provincial/insular, undermining its recent attempts to portray itself to be a modern and diverse institution (e.g., “I’m a Mormon” campaign).  I honestly believe that the church has damaged, and will continue to damage itself by excommunicating people such as myself and Kate Kelly.  I will also be deeply saddened on a personal level if I am excommunicated (I tend to dislike rejection of any sort) — but I am buoyed by the fact that there are thousands of former Mormons who lead incredibly healthy and happy lives.

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