Mormon Stories does not market, advertise, or proselytize — other than through posts that I make to my personal Facebook pages, and to various podcast-specific Facebook pages.  Mormon Stories is an opt-in podcast that people can choose to listen to, or not.  It is a resource intended for those who are curious about, or struggling with difficult Mormon issues.  While I have received generous support from many listeners, the podcast has been free to download from the beginning, while consuming literally thousands of hours of preparation, interviewing, editing, and technical maintenance. In the end, I am eager for struggling Mormons to become aware of Mormon Stories if it can help them, but I am not seeking to evangelize Mormon Stories to contented, traditionally-believing Mormons.  I do not seek disciples.  I only seek to provide resources to help struggling Mormons work through difficult issues — since the church has yet to provide resources or training that are helpful in this regard.

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