Do you believe that this action against you has been orchestrated from above?

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Yes and no.  I am certain that local church leadership (including my former Elder’s Quorum President and a close friend of his) have complained numerous times about me to my bishop, and that there are genuine concerns on the local level regarding my activity with Mormon Stories, along with my advocacy for LGBT rights, same-sex marriage, and Ordain Women.  That said, I have also been informed of training activities led by Elder L. Whitney Clayton that have been conducted in my stake, Kate Kelly’s stake, Denver Snuffer’s stake, and elsewhere — wherein local church leaders have possibly influenced the decision to initiate disciplinary councils for select bloggers, podcasters, etc.  Do I believe that top church leaders explicitly demanded that Kate Kelly, Denver Snuffer, and myself be excommunicated?   Not necessarily.  Do I believe that General Authorities such as Elder Clayton have directly influenced these decisions?  Yes, I believe that they have — but this is speculation on my part.