Details for Sunday, Response to Apostasy Charge, and Concerns about the Disciplinary Council

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I have put together a release that summarizes a few key things:

  1. New details regarding Sunday’s disciplinary council, including information about the vigil organized by Micah Nicholaison.
  2. My formal response to the apostasy charge, including quotes from President Bryan King supporting why I feel (know) my support of Ordain Women and same-sex marriage are parts of the apostasy charge.
  3. Important evidence that LDS Church PR is misleading journalists about the reasons for my disciplinary council.
  4. New information about our not being allowed to audio record the council, our being required to sign a form to promise not to record (even though Utah law allows such recordings), and President King’s refusal to allow us to bring someone to take notes in the meeting (for our own protection against further misinformation).

Even though these issues are very charged, I ask that your comments be respectful (on all sides).

P.S.  My dear friend Tom Grover summarizes why I will be excommunicated better than I ever could.  If I had a response to critics, it would be this.