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  1. Glen Fullmer June 21, 2008 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    Hi John,

    I have really enjoyed your podcasts. It is too bad that you are not going to do them any more. They have helped me gain a prospective into my beliefs.

    If you get others to take over your podcasts I appreciate if they could do an interview with Martha Beck. I have read her book “Leaving the Saints” and for an Ex-Mormon, I found it very interesting.

    Raised LDS, I remember Hugh Nibley at Education Week in California when I was growing up. While a very smart man, Martha’s book shows another side of her father, but it also very interesting because it shows some of the politics at BYU, and the pressure of the Brethren on what would be researched and what would be taught. She was a part time teacher there when the September Six were disciplined.

    While sad because of the sexual abuse accusations against her father, the book is funny, credible, very moving and a great read. Like us all Hugh wasn’t perfect, but you would expect more from a LDS intellectual giant.

    I would like to hear her story and how it would be different if she was delivering it to a Mormon audience.

    Anyway, thanks so much again,

  2. N ed August 25, 2008 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Hi Guy,

    I just came across this blog site and podcast. To bad this is not going to be ongoing. I really like the interview with Greg on Freemasonry. I am also a active LDS guy who is also a mason. I have served as master of my lodge in Boise Idaho and made good friends of my lodge brothers who do not share my religious views. We can argree to disargee without becoming disagreeable. I think brother Greg did a fine job of explaining how the two bodies are linked and the history of our church during the Nauvoo era. If anybody would like help with the “mason/mormon” problem I am available. I know whole lot’s and can get use learned real well. Becoming a mason helped me with the temple endowment ceremony. It never made since to be that the way you got into heaven was by knowing handshakes and passwords. However the principles and covenants that they represent are valid. It is the message not the teaching system (messenger) that is the endowment.

    thanks for all you do and have done,

    Brother Ned

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