Book of Mormon Geography Map/Comparison to New York/Canada Area

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

Has anyone ever seen this? It’s dated 1992, so it can’t be new.

I noticed links to my blog from the the FAIR board regarding my “Why people leave the church, and what we can do about it” video cast, and someone referenced this map within the thread.

I can’t tell if it’s totally bogus, or something w/ a bit of substance (not a smoking gun, mind you, but maybe one of those “sources of inspiration” aspects to the BOM translation, perhaps). Those of you who know your BOM geography, or know any links that debunk these maps…please post if you can. This has got to be something old and already responded to. Anyone know if FAIR has a response? Sorry…I don’t know where to look. I checked here, but nothing jumped out at me.

I’m sure it’s nothing (I don’t believe that the BOM is disprovable, or it would have been disproved long ago)–but I’d love a concise rebuttal/throwdown if there is one handy.

Thanks in advance.