,, and the Desperate Need for Official Answers

John Dehlin Mormon Stories

The More Good Foundation is referring people to a newer web site entitled: Generally it seems to be a well-intended, good hearted, somewhat informative repository of unofficial answers (and I openly applaud both sites for what they are trying to do). Still, after reading around this site, here are some of the more interesting and/or troubling answers….

To be fair, there are also tons of other answers from that are interesting, thoughtful, and not controversial, but reading through some of these tougher questions and answers left me with a few thoughts and questions of my own…

  • I wonder how this got through the vetting process at Are answers like this more good for LDS members, or more bad? I’m not condemning I totally support what they’re trying to do, and I know it’s difficult. I’m just curious if these types of answers really do support their goals. If so, I may not fully understand their goals.
  • How long will it be before the non-doctrinal, but very authoritative statements of past GA’s evaporate from our day-to-day mind set? Those of you familiar with the LDS Church Handbook of Instructions will note that a great deal of’s answers are directly refuted by the handbook (like birth control).
  • I am SOOO grateful that the GA’s of today do not opine so freely as they once did on some of these topics. They seem to use MUCH more discretion and care than they used to, and I am very grateful for this. I probably could not stay in the church if GA’s made these same types of statements today.
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the LDS Church could provide direct, succinct answers to questions like this, so that the myths and bad doctrine could be very directly dispelled, and the answers (when possible) provided? Will this day ever come?
  • If the church won’t or can’t do it, how I wish that FAIR would take this on: a very simple Q&A section, with very simple, straightforward answers. Just like, but with more accurate responses. FAIR….if you’re listening….PLEASE consider doing this.
  • Finally, if you find any of gramps’ answers incorrect or offensive, please consider emailing him with your concerns or corrections.  His email is:

I am 100% sure that gramps is a totally nice and smart guy. I don’t mean to pile on him, or be mean spirited. I just don’t feel that all of his answers are helpful, and that some can be very damaging to the faithful (either because they are factually incorrect, or far too speculative).

That’s true with all I write too, of course, so take my editorial for what it’s worth. 🙂