Are you in any way involved with the “Strangers in Zion” web site?

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No, am not involved in the Strangers in Zion web site.  I am friends with Micah Nickolaisen (one of its founders), and Micah did call me before initiating this project to get my opinion.  I told Micah that I did not want to use my current situation to encourage people to do anything that would not be in their best interest.  Consequently, I do not desire to encourage anyone to either stay in or leave the church.  Instead, I want people to do what is best for them.  I will admit that I believe that people requesting disciplinary councils may lead to greater awareness, dialogue, and ultimately greater empathy for struggling Mormons (over simply resigning their memberships) — but I do not encourage people to take any of these actions.  Again, I believe that people should make very careful decisions as to what is best for them and their families, and I am being sincere in saying that my personal desire is to retain my membership in the church, if it is possible for me to do so with integrity.