An Open Invitation to Members of the Bloggernacle for Feedback (Prior to my Sunstone Presentation on Saturday in Seattle)

John Dehlin Mormon, Mormon Stories

Some of you may now that I’m presenting on Saturday at the Seattle Sunstone Symposium on the topic of LDS Blogs and Podcasts.  Truth be told, I have little business doing so, since I’m a relative newcomer to this space.  Johnathan Stapley has been advising me a bit, but I have a ton of questions I’d still love answered….from a multitude of voices/perspectives.  If any of you would like to weigh in before I give the presentation, I’d love to get your feedback.  Please consider passing this request on to those you know in the bloggernacle…I have no idea how I would reach them all to invite them to weigh in.

Here are some of the questions I have…

  • What has made T&S so successful?  I’ve heard them described as the 800 lb. gorilla…..are they on the rise, decline, or plateau?
  • How would you describe the differences between T&S, M*, and BCC if you were forced to stereotype them
  • How does ldsblogs decide who is included, and who isn’t, in its aggregation?
  • What is the bloggernacle’s perception of Sunstone, and Sunstone’s efforts in this direction?  Irrelevant?  Significant?  Fear?  Loathing?  Has Sunstone’s entry into the bloggernacle even been a blip on anyone’s radar? 
  • Given the innundation of blogs and podcasts, how do you discriminate as to what’s worthy of promotion?
  • What do you personally see as the position and potential of Sunstone in this realm going forward?  What would you like to see from Sunstone?  Are any of you interested in collaborating with Sunstone on any level?
  • Do any of the big 3, or founding islands, or whatever, have plans for podcasts that you know of?  How do you view podcasts contributing to/changing the bloggernacle going forward?
  • What’s the meaningful difference between the Mormon Archipelago and
  • What would you say to the criticism that the current bloggernacle has too much navel gazing, inside jokes, and elitist discussions?  Boring even….
  • How much do you think the bloggernacle has penetrated the mainstream LDS population? Do any of you have any anecdotal evidence as having become statistically significant to mainstream mormonism?
  • Do you have a sense for whether your blogs actually augment, diminish, or have no effect on testimonies and faith (biases aside–as much as you can put them aside)?
  • Why do you blog? 
  • What are some BIG IDEAS for how we can really take this whole LDS/Internet thing to the next level?  What is the future of cyberspace and the LDS community?

I hope to hear from many of you.

John Dehlin