A Second Provo MTC-Associated Abuser and Cover-Up: Mormon Bishop and MTC Dr. Richard Sampson

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Mug shot of Dr. and Bishop Richard Sampson.

Mormon Stories Podcast has just received a tip about another Mormon sex abuser (in addition to Joseph Bishop) who is also a former Mormon bishop, and who is also associated with the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center.   His name is Dr. Richard B. Sampson.

According to the tip we have received:

  • Richard Sampson is reported to have served as bishop in the Provo Peak 7th Ward from 2005-2010 (if anyone has info on Bishop Sampson’s service as Mormon Bishop, or any known instances of abuse, please email mormonstories@gmail.com).
  • The convictions against Mormon MTC Dr. and Bishop RIchard Sampson include:
    • Offense/Statute: 76-5-404.1 – Sexual Abuse Of A Child-attempted/3rd Degree (attempted) Date Convicted: 16 May 2014
    • Offense/Statute:76-5-404.1 – Sexual Abuse Of A Child/2nd Degree FelonyDate Convicted: 16 May 2014
    • Offense/Statute:76-9-702.5 – Lewdness Involving A Child/class A MisdemeanorDate Convicted: 16 May 2014
  • We are not sure at this point how many years Richard Sampson served as a doctor in the MTC, but a photo of him serving as MTC doctor can be found below.
  • We are also not sure if Dr. Sampson received any church discipline for his abuses.  If anyone has any information in this regard, please email us at: mormonstories@gmail.com.
  • We have been told that this story was intentionally kept out of the local news media, and that attempts to bring attention to this story have been silenced.
  • Can someone please check LDS Tools to see if he remains a member?

Additional tips (will update as new tips are received):

  • 3/26/18 – 7:22am: Was just contacted by an individual who claims that Bishop/Dr. Sampson took his temple recommend away for masturbation.

Please email any information you have on Dr. and Bishop Richard Sampson to mormonstories@gmail.com.

In addition, please send us any other unrelated stories you have regarding the cover-up of sexual abuse within the Mormon church.

We appreciate your support on this important effort to hold the LDS church accountable for the protection and cover-up of sexual abusers, at the expense of victims.

Dr. John Dehlin
Mormon Stories Podcast

Photo of Dr. and Bishop Richard Sampson from the Deseret News: