A First Draft of an Essay: “How to Stay in the LDS Church After Becoming Disaffected”

John Dehlin Mormon

I get asked several times weekly via email, “John — how in the world do you remain active in the LDS Church after all you know? How do you keep from going insane? How do your raise your children, etc?”

I have finally written out a very rough 1st draft of our approach.

I would love to share it with those of you who sincerely self-identify as one of the following:

  • Seriously struggling to remain active in the LDS Church, and currently considering leaving
  • Have gone inactive or have left completely, but would seriously consider returning, if you could just figure out a way

If I already know you well (and your situation), just email me and I’ll provide a link.

If I do not know you, I will need you to write me enough about your story so that I can ensure that you indeed qualify given the conditions above. Again, just email me, or (if you don’t mind sharing) post your story here.

If you do not qualify under the conditions above, please act on your honor, and do not request this link. I would never, under any circumstances, desire to discourage people from leading a literalistic, strictly obedient LDS life if that is their smallest inclination. This essay is only for those who would otherwise abdandon the church altogether.


John Dehlin