A Consolidated List of “Highlights” So Far on Mormon Stories

For those who’ve joined us recently–I’ve created a consolidated list of the major works I’ve done since starting the Mormon Stories podcast.

Check it out, and let me know if I missed anything, and if there’s anything here you didn’t know about.


  1. I listened and watched your presentation last evening after finishing my weekly shift at the Bountiful Temple. It did not diminish the feeling I bring home from that place and was a nice way to end my Saturday evening, though late. I have wondered about these same questions of why friends and family have left the safety and activity of the Church. I congratulate you for your thought and effort. In addition to those reasons you outline and I have seen them at work in the lives of many. I suggest it is maybe only part of whole story. I would liken this to the fable of the blind men and the elephant. The intellectual paradoxes and challenges you spoke about to our sanitized traditon in the minds of some Mormons are only part of the whole, maybe the tusk of the elephant or maybe a leg. In addition, people I have known have left because of hurt or offense by someone in authority. Religion or faith can also be abandoned because of a personal tragedy, such as a terminal illness of a loved one. Unresolved moral issues, i.e. sin, can eventually canker or corrode to such a degree a person may flee from the group and seek acceptance from the parking lot gang in high school.

    This elephant, and there are many facets for all of us blind folk, comprises a number of challenges to faith and personal religiosity. Does it not all come down to those inspired words of King Benjamin’s address in Mosiah 3, “we shall prove them herewith to see if they will do whatsoever they are commanded to do…”

    I believe your blog and other similar venues provide an important focal point for those whose faith has been challenged intellectually or become disillusioned. Obviously, many feel they and we are not getting the desired result in the Gospel Doctrine Class or the High Priests Group. The particular challenges you describe again are only part of the whole elephant and there are other reasons why folks leave us. These other aspects need to be addressed by us, as members of this not quite perfect organization, tradition and religion. May we follow your example John and reach out to all of our brothers and sisters regardless of their circumstance and experience. May we be more Christ-like and accepting of diversity of thought, opinion, and not exclude any of the publicans, any doubters, and any who are struggling. There is adequate room for all at the banquet table of Christ and his church.

    Thank you!

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