A Comprehensive List of the Problems with Mormonism: Please provide input.

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Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcQthyiTA7c

I’m putting together a comprehensive list of the problems with Mormonism. Please provide input. What did I leave out? What would you change? What should I remove? Thanks in advance!!!!

  1. Joseph Smith’s character
    1. Joseph Smith’s practice of folk magic and treasure digging was deeply problematic
    2. Joseph Smith’s first vision has significant credibility problems
    3. Kirtland Bank scandal
    4. Joseph Smith silencing and maligning critics
    5. Joseph Smith’s practice of Polygamy was deeply abusive and not of God
    6. Joseph went crazy at the end (Militarism, King of the World, Nauvoo expositor)
  2. Fraudulent Scripture
    1. Old Testament is not historically credible, culturally problematic
    2. New Testament is not historically credible, culturally problematic
    3. The Book of Abraham was not a translation, as Joseph Smith claimed taught
    4. The Book of Mormon is not a record of ancient Americans as Joseph Smith claimed, but instead is a 19th century work of fiction/plagiarism
      1. Sources/plagiarism
      2. Translation process (peep stone, hat, no use of plates)
      3. Anachronisms
      4. DNA
    5. The Doctrine and Covenants has been altered repeatedly
    6. Joseph Smith translation of New Testament is plagiarism of Biblical commentary
    7. Kinderhook plates
  3. Authority and truth claims
    1. Mormon claims around the Melchizedek priesthood are deeply problematic
    2. The Mormon church’s claims of exclusive authority are prideful, insulting, and damaging to many
    3. Mormon epistemology (feelings = truth) is deeply problematic
    4. Mormon prophets, seers, and revelators do not prophesy, see, or reveal
      1. Care about stupid things.  Ignore super important things
      2. Always 30 years behind the progressive world in social justice
    5. Doctrine has changed in major ways.  Inconsistent.
  4. Sexuality
    1. Sex-negative vs. a sex-positive culture
    2. The Mormon church’s teaching around modesty are damaging to girls, boys, women, and men
    3. The Mormon church fosters destructive shame with its masturbation policies
    4. The Mormon church allows adults to ask deeply inappropriate and sexually explicit questions alone to children and adults
    5. The problems with prohibiting pre-marital sex
    6. The Mormon Church has harmed generations of LGBTQ people
      1. Teaching that being LGBTQ is an abomination.  Depression/suicide epidemic.
      2. Conversion therapy
      3. Mixed-orientation marriages
      4. Celibacy
      5. November 2015 policy
      6. Opposing same-sex, committed love
  5. Gender
    1. The Mormon church treats women like 2nd class citizens
    2. The Mormon church treats trans-gender issues in harmful ways
  6. Families
    1. The Mormon church strains, divides, and breaks up families
      1. Beliefs are prioritized over relationships
    2. Keeping non-Mormons or unorthodox members out of temple, weddings
  7. Dishonesty, Abuse
    1. The Mormon church has been deeply dishonest about its historical belief and practices regarding polygamy
      1. Originally denying the practice of polygamy
      2. Post-Manifesto polygamy
      3. Claiming now the polygamy is neither doctrinal nor practiced
    2. The Mormon church has systematically hidden and obfuscated its problematic history for generations, and intentionally misled it members.
    3. Examples of abuse/dishonesty
      1. B.H. Roberts
      2. Richard Lyman
      3. Juanita Brooks
      4. Fawn Brodie
      5. Eugene England
      6. Leonard Arrington
      7. Paul Dunn
      8. George P. Lee
      9. Jerald/Sandra Tanner
      10. Mark Hofmann scandal
      11. Brent Metcalfe
      12. Swedish Rescue
      13. September 6
      14. John Dehlin
      15. Sam Young
      16. Bill Reel
      17. Kate Kelly/Ordain Women
      18. Denver Snuffer
    4. The Mormon church defends abusers at the expense of victims
    5. The Mormon church silences, excommunicates, and shuns its critics
    6. Mormon church behaves like a destructive cult in many ways (BITE model)
    7. Leaders do not model Christlike love.  No humility. No apologies.
    8. Maligning and mischaracterizing those who leave
    9. Finances
      1. No financial transparency.
      2. Supporting consumerism/materialism (vs. BOM and Christ’s teachings)
      3. Inadequate support of charity
  8. Rituals
    1. The Mormon temple ceremony is a rip-off from Masonry
    2. Mormon temple work for the dead is inefficient and disrespectful to those who have died.
    3. Up to 80% of Mormon baptisms for the dead are repeats and thus a waste of time.
    4. Second Anointing
  9. Spirituality
    1. The Mormon church worships Joseph Smith more than Jesus
    2. The Mormon church does not encourage real/true spiritual development and maturity
  10. Racism
    1. The core narrative of the Book of Mormon is racist
    2. Mormon leaders have taught egregiously racist teachings since its inception
    3. Indian Placement program
    4. Mormon leadership is excessively white, Utah/Idaho-based, and non-representative of its cultural membership worldwide
    5. Cultural colonialism/genocide in modern church experience
  11. Doctrine
    1. Doctrine of polygamy devalues women, encourages abuse, causes sadness/anxiety
  12. Culture
    1. Devaluing/denouncing science
    2. History of violence (Council of 50, Mountain Meadows)
    3. Mormon Word of Wisdom is outdated, silly in parts, inconsistently applied
    4. Excessively conservative/Republican in harmful ways
    5. Inappropriate political involvement
      1. Prop 8
    6. Boring/irrelevant
    7. Children are brainwashed, baptized too early
    8. Difficult for single people
    9. Difficult for divorcees
    10. Mission culture
      1. Cultlike missionary culture
      2. Missionaries needlessly put in harm’s way
      3. Corrupt baptisms
    11. BYU students punished if earnestly lose faith
    12. Doctrine encourages focus on next life, but neglect of this one
    13. Culture of perfectionism can lead to anxiety, depression, suicidality
    14. Mormon apologetics are cowardly, deceptive, unchristlike
    15. A history of devaluing valuable mental health resources, therapists
    16. Culture of pyramid schemes, superstition, fraud