I just wanted to give a brief update regarding the blatant dearth of new podcasts, because people are asking (and it’s killing my conscience).

Here’s the scoop: As some of you know, I was hired by MIT OCW a few months ago to direct the OpenCourseWare Consortium, and was immediately put in charge of this big conference in Santander, Spain that takes place next week. (Here’s the agenda, for those interested).

Anyway, planning this event, along with writing this long-requested essay, have sucked up all my time, but the long “nightmare” will soon be over. After next week, I’m coming back to the podcast with a real vengeance, starting w/ my long-promised “Women in Mormonism” series (Women—please start your engines!!!).

So that’s the scoop! Please bear with us, and know that your appetite will soon be over-saturated.

Thanks for your interest, and mostly for your patience.