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Shelley Long Plans A Mormon Comeback
By Josh Tyler: 2006-09-03

In the history of bad decisions, Shelley Long’s departure from Cheers to become a movie star was one of the worst. Just think, it could be her in those horrible weight loss commercials. Instead, she’s been all but forgotten. Shelley hasn’t been seen in theaters since 2000’s Dr. T
and the Women.

Now well into her 50s, Long is going to try another comeback. Our friend Clint over at MovieHole says she’s signed on to the comedic drama The Boy Who Couldn’t Say No.

The film’s plot description sounds like a mix of The 40 Year-Old Virgin and TV’s “Big Love”. It’s the story of a 19-year-old virgin Mormon boy seduced by a young woman from LA and then blackmailed by her for his Mission money. In the process they unravel the darkest secrets of the Mormon church’s hierarchy. They’ll love it in Utah.

Right now The Boy Who Couldn’t Say No is scheduled for a 2007 release. No word on who Shelley Long will play, clearly it won’t be either of the “young” lead characters. Word is that “Malcolm in the Middle” star Chris Masterson may be in talks for one of those.